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Bette moved to Portage to be close to her daughter and grandsons after her husband had died.  Looking for a church, she came to Prince of Peace for two reasons: “my daughter had friends who attended the church and it was a larger congregation.” She wanted a larger congregation where she could “just enjoy being in the pew, after many years of being involved as a reader or in choirs.”  She wanted to come to church and then just leave after service. However, she had always enjoyed singing and music.   Bette thought “that every song told a story.”  After the service one Sunday, Bette felt compelled to walk over and thank the choir for their beautiful music that morning.  She was invited to join them, but she turned them down.  One choir member, Mary Lou, sought Bette out several Sundays and “personally invited me to join the choir”, telling Bette that they were a friendly, welcoming group of people and would love to have her be part of them.  Bette finally decided to go to practice and give it a try. Bette found the group welcoming and very committed to their ministry of music, always showing up to practice and even taping on-line services during Covid. Friendships were formed which connected Bette with a welcoming community of people.  Today she “can’t imagine not being able to join them in sharing stories through their singing.” 


For as long as she could remember, Pam had been deeply concerned about people who didn’t have enough to eat.  Pam remembered that Jesus had said,” Feed my lambs.”  Pam felt strongly that as a nation that had so much, no one should go hungry. During service one Sunday, an announcement was made about beginning a new food ministry.  Pam didn’t know what it involved but quickly signed up to help.  She became the “traffic control person, greeting each person that came, and finding out their food needs.”  Over time, as people returned every first or third Thursday each month, Pam took time to talk with them and get to know them.  She “found joy in them.”  Over time, Pam met many people of different ethnicities and cultures and “loved hearing all their stories.  The beauty of it, is the many relationships I’ve made.  It has humbled me and it has been a real blessing getting to know these people.” Pam is very thankful that her church started a food ministry and was able to support it with both funding and volunteers. 

Touched by the Gospel, we seek to be instruments of God’s peace for the sake of the world.
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We are Lutheran Christians.
We don't have all the answers.
We do have faith that God's love is for everyone.

We would love to have you join us as we talk about big questions,
strive to serve all people in Jesus' name,
and seek to work for justice and peace in all the world.

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In order to grow in faith as individuals and as a community, we need opportunities to experience God's love and practice following Jesus outside of worship. We get to know one another by sharing our lives and serving others together. We've had to be creative in how we do that safely during a pandemic, but our community has been strengthened by Zoom Bible studies and book discussion groups, outoor service projects like tree planting and gardening and food distribution, and more! We'd love to have you join us.

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