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Where Does Your Offering Go

"Touched by the Gospel, we seek to be instruments of God’s peace, for the sake of the World" 

In support of the mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, a community committed to being Instruments of God’s Peace in the world, in 2005, the church Council established that all appeals and giving within the congregation will be through one of four pathways: Annual Stewardship Drive, Extended Ministries Endowment Fund, Special Gifts Fund and Planned Congregation-wide Appeals

These Pathways of Giving provide opportunities for members and friends of Prince of Peace to express their gratitude to God, as we are called.

Blessed to be a Blessing! (Genesis 12: 1- 3)

Annual Stewardship Drive

The purpose of the Annual Stewardship Drive is to provide funds for the budgeted operating expenses of Prince of Peace. It is funded through pledges and collections of tithes and offerings at services.

Planned Congregation-Wide Appeals
Planned Congregation - Wide Appeals are coordinated through the church Council and are for a specified period of time.

These appeals provide monies to special ministries that the Council believes are important to support. The Planned Congregation-Wide Appeals may include, but are not limited to, capital campaigns for building projects or reducing church mortgage debt, PEP Fund in February, Disaster Response, or the Samaritan Fund.  Gifts to these funds are made at the time of the appeal through special offerings.

Extended Ministries Endowment Fund

The Extended Ministries Endowment Fund allows members and friends of Prince of Peace to support ministries beyond this congregation. The principal of the Endowment Fund is retained and invested. Only a portion of the interest income generated from the investment is spent to enable the further growth of the church and its extended ministries.

Extended ministries that have recently received disbursements from the Endowment Fund include: Synod-sponsored youth minis-try trip to India, Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity, and computer equipment for Lutheran college student outreach. Gifts from estates and bequests, and gifts other than money may be given to this fund.

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Endowment Application
Special Gifts Fund

The Special Gifts Fund (formerly the Memorial Fund) provides an opportunity to lift up blessings in our lives and within our congregation and give thanks to God. Gifts may be given "in celebration", "in memory", or "in thanksgiving."   To ensure alignment with the needs and goals of the congregation, Council will periodically review and determine on-going ministries and/or needs at Prince of Peace to receive monies from this fund. Opportunities for both un-designated and designated giving are provided through the Special Gifts Fund. Ministries approved for designated giving within the Special Gifts Fund are:
Evangelism Ministry: Samaritan Fund and Health Ministry Fund; Social Concerns Ministry Missions Fund; Worship Ministry: Handbell Fund and Funeral Fund; and the Youth Ministry P.E.P. Fund.

The Good Samaritan Fund
Direct support for those in need
Good Samaritan Guidelines

Please give to the Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund provides utlity and rent assistance for anyone in the community that needs it.


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