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Refugee Re-settlement Needs

Refugee resettlement is on-going and we continue to have needs to support the agencies bringing families into our area. Please review the available needs below. All bedding material must be new. Most everything else can be gently used, clean and in working order, unless stated.   Thank you!

Drop off items at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1747 W. Milham Ave.

Please bring the item(s) on Wednesday or Thursday from 10:00-3:00 or call 269/343-3453 to make other arrangements, or if you have something not listed that might be useful.  

List in order of need:

New Twin Mattress Pads

New Twin Sheets and Blankets

New Twin Comforters

Pots and Pans, can be gently used if stainless or aluminum. Must be new if Teflon or cast iron.

Stock Pots 8qt and above

Drinking glasses

Sofas, end tables and coffee tables. Can be used. 

Tall Kitchen Trash Cans

Small Vanity Trash Cans

Laundry Detergent

Brooms and Dust Pans

Mops and Buckets

Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Brushes - new


Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers

12 qt Dishpans/washpans 

Silverware Trays


Shaving Cream

Deoderant -men & women's


Can openers