The Good Samaritan fund exists to assist members of our church and our wider Portage/Kalamazoo community in a crisis or emergency situation. We offer rental or utility assistance as well as other monetary requests. Each request is reviewed by and must be approved by the pastor. 

Applicants must complete an Application for Asisstance the first full week each month. The next time to apply is the week of March 4th.

1.  Requestors must fill out an application for review by the Pastor and include a copy of their ID. They must also provide supporting documents for the request such as a copy of an energy bill or a rent statement.

2. Assistance is given in the form of a direct payment (usually a check) to the goods or service provider and not to any individual.

3. There is a $400 per request limit.

4. There is a one (1) request per household every six (6) months limit.

5. It generally takes 24-48 hours for us to process a payment but could take a week or more if the Pastor is out of town. Please do not wait until the last minute to request funds if possible.

6. We cannot provide a cashier's check or on-line payments. We will only write a check off our Good Samaritan Account.  

7. We do not cover costs for hotel/motel rooms, funerals or provide gas cards.