Good Samaritan Fund Policy
Read before completing application

1.  Requestors must fill out an application for review by the Pastor and include a copy of their ID. They must also provide supporting documents for the request such as a copy of an energy bill or a rent statement.

2. Assistance is given in the form of a direct payment (usually a check) to the goods or service provider and not to any individual.

3. There is a $400 per request limit.

4. There is a one (1) request per household every six (6) months limit.

5. It generally takes 24-48 hours for us to process a payment but could take a week or more if the Pastor is out of town. Please do not wait until the last minute to request funds if possible.

6. If you require a cashier's check, you must let us know at the time of application. Your request will be reduced by $5.00 to cover costs and it will take additional time to process.  

7. We do not cover costs for hotel/motel rooms or provide gas cards. 

For more assistance, please try:

1. Housing Resources Inc 

2. Ministry With Community

3.  St. Vincent de Paul Society

4.  The Salvation Army     

5. Gryphon Place (211)      

6.  Michigan Energy Assistance Programs



7.  Consumers Energy Assistance Programs                                                                   

Food Distribution and Free Store
Open to all

On the first and third Thursdays from 1-3, we have a drive through fresh food distribution. 

On the first Thursday of the month, we also offer a free-store of personal care and household items. Limit 2 per car.