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Welcome to Holy Week.
We are featuring a brief video each day of Holy Week 2021 as a way to encounter the story of Jesus' passion and death on our journey to Easter Sunday.

Each segment of the larger story is told by a small group or household from our community, with one voice reading the story of Jesus’ final week, and others chiming in with words from the prophets, psalms, and other parts of the Bible, mostly from the Hebrew scriptures, that give a broader scriptural context for what’s happening in Jesus’ story.

As we dwell in this story of Jesus’ journey to the cross all week, we'll notice the many ways that God is with us on our journey of faith: in our doubts, in our questions, in our fear, in our hosannas and in our hopes.

For more Holy Week resources including a printable booklet that accompanies the video series, contact and request more information about our Holy Week Scripture Encounter.

The link below will take you to the first video.

For all the videos, go to our YouTube channel.